Every ship must sail away

I laugh too loud, I feel too much

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I want something real, something true. I don’t want to play games with you.

It is difficult to like someone. To give yourself over and not know what to expect, if you should even expect anything at all. I wish that the words “you look pretty” or “I want to see you” actually meant more then what I think they actually do mean. I don’t want to complicate anything and I don’t want lies or half-truths, I just want to know if you like me, because I like you. If you don’t that’s okay, I can live with that. What I have difficulty with is this in-between we are in. I feel as if you may have interest judging by your prior actions and I know I definitely do, however I wish you would be more clear with me. I don’t seem to be much of a priority to you at all, but you are a priority for me. I wonder if you think of me like I think of you, all the time. Make a move, please. 

sincerely, girl who could maybe love you someday

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